The JV Diving Team, By Justin B.

The Diving Team has had a very fun and competitive season so far. Sadly, this is the last week of practice, but they have had a very good season. I interviewed Burke, a member of the diving team, and he said that “everyone on the team has improved a lot, and it is a lot of fun.” Burke stated that “diving is a mental sport and the biggest challenge is just getting over the mental part and just diving.” Their practices consist of trying new dives and perfecting the ones they already know so they can use them in their competitions. Since the season is winding down, Burke said, “This season has been a lot of fun and by the end I learned more dives and became way better at the sport. I can’t wait for next year.” Now that the season is coming to a close it is safe to say that this diving team is one of the best of recent years!

V Diving (120).JPG

Photo credit smugmug