A Spotlight with Max M. (2024) of the Varsity Swim Team BY PEYTON

The Varsity Swim Team, a fabled team in the STAB Community, features only one eighth grader, Max M. In his twelfth year at STAB, Max M. has much more of a reputation than just of his tenure at STAB. He has twelve combined records outside of school for the swim teams at Farmington and for CYAC. He has been tearing up the high school scene in Virginia, too, making the State Meet in the first meets. Max swam for the JV Team last year and blew everyone out of the water, and he is making an even bigger splash with the Varsity Team. We were lucky enough to get an in-depth interview with Max.

What has it been like swimming for a varsity team?

Swimming for a varsity team has been awesome. I’ve really liked getting to know everyone on the team, and the spirit has been unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of before.

Did you dream about swimming for the varsity team?

Yes, I’ve been looking forward to it for a number of years now, and it has been an honor to be a part of it so far. 

Why did you choose to swim for the varsity team?

I swim outside of STAB, so it was an easy choice for me, and I really like the team atmosphere.

Have you stepped up as a leader as the lone eighth grader on the team?

I feel like I’ve tried to bring a lot of spirit and energy to the team, and I’ve tried to get people pumped up and motivated for their races.

How has it felt beating some of the top seniors in the Commonwealth?

I just try to do the best I can every time I step up on the block, and I just try to swim for my team.

What state cuts do you have?

I have the 200 Freestyle, 500 Freestyle, 200 IM, and the 100 Breaststroke. For the non-individual events I have the 200 medley relay, 200 free relay, and the 400 free relay. 

What does the rest of the season hold?

Well this Saturday we have the LIS Conference Championship. That would be the first championship meet of the season. Then we have the State Championship on February 14. Those are the last two meets of the season. The State Championship is the pinnacle of the season.

The rest of the season is championship season for the STAB Varsity Swim team, and only a select few will come out as champions. Will Max M. become champion this year? Hopefully, but only time will tell.

Photo credits STAB Smugmug